Alessandro Michele Is Appointed New Creative Director Of Valentino

Alessandro Michele

 Alessandro Michele’s recent appointment as Creative Director of Valentino (effective April 2nd, 2024) marks a pivotal point for the fashion house. 

Undoubtedly a celebrated figure in the fashion world, he is known for his distinct and eclectic design style that has significantly influenced contemporary fashion. 

As we are the official, exclusive stockist of Valentino in South Africa, we're very excited to see what lies in store for the brand.

If you are somewhat unacquainted with this legend in the fashion world, here are some interesting facts and accolades to shed some light:

Early Career and Education: Michele initially studied at the Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome, a foundation that set the stage for his deep understanding of fashion and artistry. His career began at Fendi as a senior accessories designer, where he was notably involved in creating bag designs.

Rise at Gucci: Michele joined Gucci in 2002, working under various roles before skyrocketing to fame. His big break came in 2015 when he was appointed as Gucci's creative director. He transformed the brand with his debut collection in January 2015, which was put together in just five days. 

Revolutionizing Gucci: At Gucci, Michele was celebrated for reintroducing romance and eclecticism to the brand. He is credited with adding modern touches to Gucci’s traditional luxury items, infusing them with vintage and street-style flair that appealed to younger demographics. Under his direction, Gucci became known for its gender-fluid, vibrant, and eclectic designs that mixed historical references with contemporary culture.

A Legend in Fashion: Michele has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. His work at Gucci earned him multiple accolades, including the International Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2015.

Cultural Impact and Collaborations: Beyond fashion, Michele has influenced broader cultural discussions about gender and identity through his designs. He has also spearheaded collaborations with various artists and creatives, further blending the worlds of fashion, art, and culture.

Sustainability Initiatives: During his tenure at Gucci, Michele also pushed for sustainability. He helped lead Gucci to achieve carbon neutrality across the company and its supply chain and initiated campaigns to promote sustainable fashion.

Aesthetic and Inspirations: Michele’s work is known for its detailed embroidery, bold patterns, and juxtaposition of styles. He often draws inspiration from a wide array of sources, including Renaissance art, 1970s fashion, and animal motifs, which have become a signature element of his collections.

Alessandro Michele's approach to fashion design is transformative, often described as a renaissance in modern clothing. His work not only reshapes how we think about clothing but also challenges societal norms, making him a pivotal figure in the industry.

His new role at Valentino is highly anticipated for potentially setting new benchmarks in high fashion.

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