Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes in Jacaranda Signify a Bold Expression of Urban Elegance - Fall Winter 24 Collection

These sneakers are a whole vibe, an emblem of on-trend contemporary style, combining the audacity of urban aesthetics with the refined craftsmanship synonymous with Louboutin. The Louis Junior Spikes low-top sneaker draws inspiration from basketball, harmoniously combining athletic and chic elements. They scream modern luxury with a playful edge. Here’s what makes the Louis Junior Spikes a distinctive choice for sneaker enthusiasts and style mavens alike.


The rich, jacaranda purple hue sets a lush backdrop for the intricate details that define these shoes. The upper is crafted from premium suede, soft to the touch yet durable, ensuring these sneakers not only look good but stand up to the rigours of daily wear. The defining feature, however, is the array of spikes that adorn the toe box, a signature Louboutin touch that adds a daring, almost rebellious contrast to the sneaker’s otherwise understated elegance. 

True to Louboutin’s iconic style, these sneakers feature the unmistakable red lacquered soles that have become a hallmark of the brand. This undeniably alluring red on the underside adds an unexpected twist, visible only during movement, and solidifies the shoe's status as a luxury item. The spikes themselves are a statement of confidence and a nod to those who dare to stand out of the crowd.

Hot Style Tips:

  • Street Style Ready: Pair with tapered jeans and a leather jacket for a look that’s edgy yet approachable. This combination calls for a day out in the city or to a casual gatherings with friends.
  • Casual Business: For a smart-casual office look, combine the sneakers with chinos and a crisp button-down shirt. The pop of purple adds a fresh twist to business casual attire, a vibrant statement without overpowering the overall look.
  • Weekend Wear: Match with shorts and a relaxed tee during the warmer months. The sneakers bring a luxurious, laid-back vibe to weekend wear, perfect for brunches or casual parties.

While style is a significant draw, the Louis Junior Spikes do not compromise on comfort or durability. The high-quality suede ensures the sneakers are built to last, while the design and construction cater to day-long wearability. The fit is snug yet comfortable, making them suitable for extended wear whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or enjoying a laid-back day.


These sneakers have the spirit of modern luxury with a playful twist. Step into a world of elegance and attitude, with Louis Junior Spikes where every detail counts.  Apsley is the exclusive stockist of Louboutin Men's shoes in South Africa.

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