That Peek-A-Boo moment with the By My Side Tote Bag featuring Louboutin's Signature Red Inner

This on-trend By My Side Shopper tote is part of a new line of relaxed chic range.  It stands out for its blend of rustic charm and relaxed-chic sophistication. It’s crafted in natural jute and embossed with a large CL logo, a statement of refined, earthy elegance transcending the modern lifestyle.  This gorgeous tote is a season must-have as part of Louboutin’s Summer 24 Collection.  This tote can be found at an Apsley store near you.

The tote draws inspiration from a blend of classic French artistry and contemporary design ethos, reminiscent of the pastoral elegance of the French countryside whilst maintaining urban sophistication. The use of natural burlap material pays homage to traditional crafting techniques while embracing the eco-friendly trend that is becoming increasingly popular. This material choice makes the tote stand out as it supports sustainability.

Its imaginative use of simple materials creates something uniquely luxurious. Louboutin’s signature red scarlet lining offers the ultimate Peek-A-Boo moment; a glimpse of luxury every time the bag is opened.  The bag’s leather trims provide a sleek contrasting finish to the rustic exterior, showcasing Louboutin's knack for mixing materials in innovative ways ensures we are always kept on our toes.


Hot Style Tips

This tote bag is incredibly versatile and can elevate any outfit, whether you're aiming for a casual look or something more polished. For a chic daytime ensemble, pair it with a flowing maxi dress and sandals. The natural tones of the bag will complement earthy colours wonderfully, making it perfect for a summer brunch or a stroll through the city.  For an evening look, it can surprisingly complement a more structured outfit, like a sharp blazer and trousers, adding a touch of laid-back elegance.  A look that screams you are not trying too hard.

Burlap is not traditionally seen in luxury fashion, which makes its presence in the Louboutin By My Side Tote both quirky and innovative. This material is durable and brings a textural depth that is often missing in conventional fashion items. The choice of burlap also reflects a growing trend in the fashion world towards more natural and sustainable practices, making it a conversation starter into fashion's environmental impact.

The Christian Louboutin tote bag is a perfect example of how traditional materials can be reimagined to fit modern tastes and ethical fashion standards. It’s a piece that celebrates the uniqueness of the wearer and the imaginative spirit of Louboutin, making it a coveted item for anyone looking to make a subtle yet impactful fashion statement.

Looking for your own Peek-A-Boo moment with a splash of the bold Louboutin red in your wardrobe? Walk into any of our stores to feel the luxury of what Louboutin has to offer.  At Apsley we pride ourselves in being sole stockist of Louboutin accessories, exclusive stockists ensures we deliver quality and authenticity when shopping luxury fashion items.  No online orders are available due to the nature of these items.

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