Valentino's Latest Embroidered Compact Poplin Midi Dress

This classic style midi dress is a featured piece from Valentino’s most recent collection. Featuring intricate embroidery and a sophisticated silhouette that celebrates the beauty and vibrant nature of the hibiscus flower.

It’s an elegant symbol of spring with its flirty floral motifs and light, airy fabric, making it a standout piece for an array of occasions. The exquisite hibiscus embroidery detail layers a crisp, silky, lustrous poplin fabric. The dress features understated detail, such as a seamless side zip and bold compact popeline in 100% cotton.

Hot Style Tips For This Garment

Pair the dress with a pair of simple sleek heels, perhaps in a neutral colour like nude or contrasting black to keep the focus on the dress itself.  For a more laid back playful look, opt for stylish flats or an elegant pair of boots.

Adorn the dress with minimal jewellery, such as a pair of delicate earrings and a thin bracelet.

On colder days, a light trench coat or a silky soft cashmere shawl can be draped over the shoulders for an added layer of sophistication.

The embroidery on the dress is meticulously crafted, intricate and elegant. This handcrafted aspect makes the dress an absolute work of art.

The dress is timeless, featuring a classic silhouette that can be styled in various ways, crossing over from daytime wear to evening attire.

This Valentino dress represents a celebration of nature through fashion, making it a head turner and the ultimate conversation starter.

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